We are proud of our product and aim to help each of our users reach their maximum potential using SONR. Take a look at what world-class experts have to say about SONR!

SONR really helps working with advanced level and distance swimmers. It’s good for private lessons and swimming sets. I recommend this product.
. . .
Konstantin Petrov
Olympic Bronze Medalist
World-class coach
SONR is compact and easy to operate. The sound is clear and it works at a great distance. I want to purchase SONR as early as possible, so I wouldn’t have to raise my voice in a noisy pool anymore.
Arkadiy Mishchenko
Professional Technical Coach,
Ukrainian national team
I love the small size, sleek shape and the design of the device. It is comfortable, unnoticeable under the cap and doesn’t add resistance while swimming.
Vladimir Curinnoi
Professional swimmer
WSI safety instructor
I would recommend this product to professional swimmers and their coaches who are enthusiastic and eager to improve results at a faster rate. Thanks for a wonderful invention, SONR!
Valeriya Curinnaia
Experienced coach
We were very pleased with the SONR system, as it brings communication in swimming to the next level.We plan to utilise this with our open water swimmers, so more information can be provided to the swimmer.
Mark Wieland
Head coach, president
Tivoli Swim Team
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